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Dominik Wojciechowski

Experienced developer with background in PLM


Well experienced with PLM enterprise environment. PLM Windchill consultant with many customization projects in portfolio.


Wide range of languages such as Java, Kotlin, GO, JS and Python


Dobrze zorganizowany i pewny siebie lider, przetestowany w stresujacych środowiskach ze świetnymi rezultatami.

About me

Non standard beginig

I started my journey as a programmer 4 years ago. When I was in my first field of study, Public Administration, I realized that it is not what I want to do for the next 20, 30 or even more years. After first year, I started 2nd field of study, both full time. It was hard to manage both of them, but good time management was key to complete it. On 4th July when I graduated from Public Administration, the same day I started my work.

More standard continuation

Firstly 2 months of PLM Centric training cycle, where PTC Windchill was shown starting from Business Administration, continuing with Server Side customization and finishing with Client-Side Customization. After that my career as a Windchill specialist started. During that time I worked with many international clients and most of them where big brands from areas like automotive, aircraft, defense, electronics, industrial heavy equipment.

Present time

Currently I am involved in project for well known tabacco company. The project is based on JVM stack. In addition I am group leader in TTPSC, in which I find so much self-fulfillment

Employment History

Transition Technologies PSC
2016-10-01 – currently

During my work with TTPSC, I was responsible for the implementation of solutions based on JVM. Initially, I specialized in deployments of Windchill PLM and customization of the platform. After that, I started to take part in the implementation of projects which were prepared for the customer from ground up.

Transition Technologies
2016-06-04 – 2016-10-01

The short story about Transition Technologies was caused by the founding of a new company which was TTPSC. That's why the training which I received was the only thing worth mentioning.

Krzyżtopór castle ruins

Drone footage

To keep me sane, I started to offer additional services connected with drone flights and recording. If you are interested in hiring me, please click on the button below to see the terms and conditions, as well as some example work of mine.